Searching for a new home to rent or buy is certainly overwhelming. You should be extra cautious when shopping for a home to buy because it is an expensive and long-term investment.

Choosing a home is a very personal decision. However, as you evaluate the different aspects of your home, rank their importance based on immediate needs. You should also identify essentials and deal breakers. Below are key things to consider when buying your first home.

Tips About When Buying Your First Home

1. Location

Location is the basic and most important

Location is the basic and most important factor when searching for a new home. While you can change all other aspects of your home, you can’t change its location. If you are looking for a new home in Kansan, consider these best places to live in Kansas City. Important things to consider when evaluating location include:

  • Ease of access
  • Proximity to work
  • Nature of the neighborhood
  • Access to social amenities, such as schools, public transport, and shopping malls
  • Security

2. Size Of The House

Size Of The House

After finding your preferred location, you should turn to the house size. Ideally, you should determine the appropriate house size before starting your search. Figure out the minimum and maximum square footage, number of bedrooms, garage space, and bathrooms. Your preferred house size depends on personal preference and needs.

For instance, individuals with large families should consider buying homes with more square footage, bedrooms, and bathrooms. If you live alone or with your partner, you should find a smaller-sized home.

Maintaining and furnishing small homes is easier and cheaper. However, you should think about your future. If you plan on starting a family, consider moving into a house that can accommodate your future family.

3. House’s Exterior

House’s Exterior

Most homeowners focus on the property’s interior, often forgetting to inspect the exterior. The best way to ensure you don’t buy a home with a dilapidated exterior is to schedule a home inspection. Even then, you should watch out for specific red flags. You should focus on the following:

  • The roof – Inspect the roof for signs of damage. You should also ask for the age of the roof. However, you shouldn’t ignore the house simply because it has an old roof. Well-maintained roofs can last several years, depending on the roof material.
  • Foundation – Foundation issues are the main cause of structural damage in a home. Repairing foundation problems is also very costly. Cracks in the walls and sticking doors and windows are common signs of foundation issues.
  • Siding – You should check the exterior walls for signs of damage. Be on the lookout for peeling paint, cracks, rotting wood, and signs of decay.  One way to avoid the headache of fixing HVAC and roof issues is simply buying a new home. Companies like Century Communities offer beautiful new build homes at an affordable price for first-time home buyers. You can even find “live-work-play” communities that offer family homes, restaurants, playgrounds, office buildings, etc. all within walking distance or a short drive from your home.

4. Heating And Cooling Systems

Unless you are an HVAC expert, you should hire a professional to evaluate the condition of the heating and cooling system. HVAC units plagued with issues can affect your comfort and energy bills. Like the roof, inquire about the age of the HVAC unit. Most HVAC units last between 10 and 25 years. You should also ask for the units’ maintenance records.


Hunting for a new home is tedious and challenging, especially for first-time homebuyers. However, you can find a good house by knowing what to look for in a home. Other important things to look for include plumbing issues, signs of water damage, and the nature of the neighborhood.


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