Choosing the city to live and spend your life in is as important as choosing the right house.

YOu have to consider the quality of life, public transport, city development, and entertainment opportunities when considering a location. That’s why most buyers do a lot of research before deciding.

Burlington is the ideal city to live in concerning the points mentioned above. Life in Burlington comes with plenty of benefits.

This vibrant and growing city offers many opportunities for people of all ages—for families and singles alike. Whether you want to improve on a professional level or are an adventure enthusiast, this place has it all.

New residents choose this city for a variety of reasons. The city continues to appeal to home buyers yearly, which is why Burlington real estate has grown considerably.

The main factors that make Burlington a truly remarkable place to call home are listed below.

1. The Golden Horseshoe Area

Golden Horseshoe Area

The City of Burlington is located on the western corner of Lake Ontario and is an integral part of the Regional Municipality of Halton.

It sits in the so-called Golden Horseshoe, a trendy spot among tourists and residents, but also a highly industrialized area in Ontario. With its central geographic positioning, Burlington stands close to the thriving economic affluence of Toronto and Hamilton. Due to this, it comes with various advantages.

Because of its location, Burlington provides residents with the convenience of proximity to Toronto and the opportunities that this metropolis has to offer without being burdened with the inflated living costs found in the downtown Toronto area.

Burlington has advantages not only from an economic point of view but also in terms of recreational activities. With its position on the coastline, residents can enjoy swimming, sailing, kayaking, canoeing, surfing, and fishing when the weather allows it.

2. Access to High-Quality Education

Most schools in Burlington fall under the Halton District School Board, which takes pride in its high quality of education. There are more than 25 public elementary schools in the city and six separate high schools.

In addition to the public schools, there are a fair number of private schools, most of which belong to the Halton Catholic District School Board.

In Burlington, there are also two French-language elementary schools, École élémentaire Catholique Saint Philippe and École élémentaire Renaissance. These schools enjoy notoriety, and some of the best students come from these institutions.

As for higher education, there are no universities or post-secondary schools in Burlington. However, the city is situated in a key location that allows students to commute daily to the major university centers in the surrounding cities.

The University of Toronto, McMaster’s DeGroote School of Business, and several other highly sought-after colleges are within driving distance of Burlington.

3. Job Opportunities

Job Opportunities

Burlington is a growing city with a lot of economic potential due to its proximity to Toronto and Hamilton. This city offers jobs in various fields, from multinational corporations to public institutions or local businesses.

Many people also choose to work in nearby cities to earn higher wages in these economic centers while benefiting from the lower cost of living in Burlington.

This option is feasible because transit to nearby larger cities is relatively easy, either by car or public transportation. But at the local level, there are also many job opportunities. Moreover, the city also offers the possibility to open your own business in tourism, catering, or any other industry.

4. Things to Do

One thing you’ll never do as a Burlington resident gets bored. This city offers a tremendous amount of variety when it comes to recreational activities. We have nature activities, whether we’re talking about the Lake Ontario shoreline or the Royal Botanical Gardens.

Walking, rollerblading, or biking along the lakeshore or through the gardens is always a good idea to unwind after a long day at work. If you want to go for something more challenging, you can always opt to hike the 16 miles (27 km) of outdoor trails found in the Hendrie Valley Trails, Escarpment Property Trails, and Cootes Paradise Trails.

The city center is also home to many cafes, children’s playgrounds, theatres, shopping centers, and nightclubs. Downtown is perfect when you want to go out for coffee with friends or enjoy a night out.

What is certain is that this town will never cease to surprise you, which makes it among the best places to live in Ontario.

The opportunities Burlington has to offer don’t stop here. In addition to its permanent attractions, Burlington hosts two festivals annually that are notorious among thrill seekers: The Sound of Music Festival and Ribfest, the largest festival in the country.


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