Finding the right employee is very crucial for a successful business. One of the most essential factors in sustaining long-term success in real estate is attracting premium agents to your firm or team.

Why? Because the finest agents are dedicated to developing a healthy business, closing deals, and keeping a strong client base. That degree of dedication is likely why top agents earn more than four times as much as their less experienced counterparts.

Furthermore, top-performing agents provide specific knowledge and considerable experience, allowing them to establish the conditions for smooth closings, profitable referrals, and repeat business.

Here in this article, we will tell you how to improve agent retention for your brokerage.


1. Make your office a great place to work

Make your office a great place to work

Many businesses want to flaunt their policy of putting customers first in public. However, prioritizing your staff makes more sense.

When you look after your staff and provide them with a terrific place to work where they feel appreciated, they will look after your customers.

This entails developing a welcoming work environment for your staff. Make an effort to maintain a clean and professional work atmosphere.

2. Think beyond LinkedIn

According to a survey, 93 percent of recruiters use LinkedIn, whereas only 36 percent of applicants do. On this renowned platform, the competition is fierce.

So why not look for candidates in less traditional places? You can make short videos with testimonials from your employees and you can promote them on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media channels.

You should also look beyond Linkedin while searching for the best real estate agent.

3. Provide a clear career track with a growth plan

Provide a clear career track with a growth plan

Your agents will want to know that they have a clear route to success, regardless of where they are in their careers.

That’s why having clear career paths for them is critical to gaining their long-term commitment. Demonstrate to them that there is scope for growth and that they can plan on staying with you for a long time.

You can also provide mentors to assist them on their career journey. Involve experienced real estate agents in your firm as guides, not just for the industry, but also for your unique brokerage and the way you do business there.

4. Give them the tech they need to succeed

Today’s agents rely heavily on technology. They require a good CRM, video conferencing capabilities, accounting software, and document and contract management technology.

In a post-pandemic environment, social media and marketing techniques are also essential. Ascertain that they have access to virtual enhancements such as 3D walkthrough solutions, interactive floor plan mapping, and other technology.

5. Create a Mentorship Program

Create a Mentorship Program

Pair experienced agents with some of your new workers to demonstrate the benefits of working in a successful team. Learning from your top performers will help your new hires.

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