Have you recently moved into a new home in Florida and the current curb appeal leaves much to the imagination? Maybe there isn’t anything wrong with the curb appeal per se — it just doesn’t have much personality and character.

While people often focus on curb appeal to boost a home’s value when listing it for sale, for homeowners it should still be a priority as it helps you to enjoy your home that much more. You’ll be able to make the outdoor space more eye-catching, useable, functional, and unique.

Here are four tips that can help you boost the curb appeal of your new Florida home.

Plant Brightly Colored Flowers – Give the House Life

Colored Flowers

If you want quick impact then bright flowers are the way to go. Whether you choose to create a flower garden from scratch, or you choose pots, planters, and containers, using a variety of in-season flowers will bring beauty to the exterior. Just be sure to choose flowers that do well with your soil, shade, and sun offerings.

Another tip is to experiment with the colors you use. Some choose a monochromatic color scheme, but that may not have your desired effect. Instead, choose a variety of coordinating colors that play off each other. Also, be sure to pick flowers that bloom at different times of the year so there is always color.

A Patio or Deck Can Change the Way You Use the Yard


Perhaps your Florida home has a backyard but you don’t envision yourself using it in the current state. If that’s the case, it could likely benefit from a few outdoor living tips, in particular installing a deck or patio. This gives a defined seating area you can enjoy and entertain friends and family in.

Make Your House Pop with a New Front Door Color

Front Door Color

Does your house look like all the others on the street? Are you looking for a way to make it pop that isn’t too labor-intensive? If so, painting the front door is the way to go. This is an easy DIY job that homeowners can do and will have maximum impact.

Popular front door colors include:

  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Teal
  • Purple

Trim Overgrown and Mature Trees

Mature Trees

For a property with trees on it, especially mature trees, there’s a good chance they could do with a little trimming and pruning. For just minor trimming, most homeowners can tackle the project on their own, but for significant tree trimming, thinning, or even removal, it’s best to contact the professionals.

Professionals have the proper training, gear, and equipment to do the job safely and completely. You can visit a business like Mid Florida Tree Care, which offers tree trimming in Windermere, FL, and get an idea of the services these types of professionals offer. Taking care of the trees on your property will transform the curb appeal and make the house look cared for.

Whether you pick one or all of these tips, you’ll be able to transform the look of your home and improve the curb appeal substantially.


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