If you are getting a new home in a colder region, you might be worried about which heating equipment would be best for your new home. Let’s understand about boiler heating system.

People currently are going for boiler heating systems. They are energy efficient. You do not have to worry about the sound of the gushing wind in the forced air heaters. Also, they require a lesser amount of space at home and don’t have lots of problems with humidity.

Here are a few important things you need to know about boiler heating systems or the Hydronic heating system.


Quick Fact Check Before Getting Boiler Heating Systems

Before you buy a boiler heating system, you must know the different facts stated here –

1. Boiler Heating Systems Don’t Only Heat Water

Boiler Heating Systems Don't Only Heat Water

There is a misconception about the boiler heaters. Many of us think that the boiler heating system only heats the water. But, in the boiler heating method, natural gas is boiled, not water. Earlier, the boilers only had to boil water and produce steam. But now, the boiler heating system uses natural gas instead of only water.

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2. Boiler Heating System Provides Radiant Heat

Boiler Heating System Provides Radiant Heat

So, heating systems like boiler heating do not warm the air like a furnace. So, how do they work? Well, the answer is radiant heating. The boiler heating provides warmth to your room by heating other objects.

Radiant heating warms up different objects in contact, thereby heating the room in the process. You can get a room heated only with a little temperature set at the thermostat of your boiler heating system. Radiant heating makes the room warmer steadily.

3. Two Types Of Heating Efficiencies

Two Types Of Heating Efficiencies

When getting your home a new boiler heating system, you should be aware of the efficiency level of the system. The standard ones have a vented metal pipe, while the highly efficient ones have a PVC pipe.

4. Boiler Maintenance

Boiler Maintenance

Before you choose a boiler heating system or any heating system, you should know that these systems require regular maintenance. You can assume the responsibility of maintenance.

Alternatively, you can hand it over to a maintenance company. Whether you are using hydroponic or boiler heating systems, it is necessary to get the boiler tuned at least once every year. Following this process should ensure the safety and efficiency of the boiler.

5. Almost Zero Humidity Problems

Almost Zero Humidity Problems

Forced air heating systems might warm your room, but they have some cons, such as the humidity problem. The forced air heating system can heat your room, making the air inside dry and coarse. Also, there are lots of noise problems.

A boiler heating system can solve this problem related to humidity. They use radiant heating instead of air. So, your room will get warm without affecting the humidity of the air inside.

6. Almost Zero Risk Of Getting Burnt

Almost Zero Risk Of Getting Burnt

Since boiler heating systems use radiant heating, you might think they are hot to the touch. This usually worries homeowners with young children. But there is no reason to worry unless your boiler heating system equips older iron-cast radiators.

The radiators also might be hot to the touch if the water temperature is too high. You can avoid this by setting the right temperature for the water. Use the correct setting and avoid this issue.

7. Can You Retrofit Old Boilers For More Efficiency?

Can You Retrofit Old Boilers For More Efficiency

Unfortunately, no. You cannot retrofit old boilers to make them more efficient. Standard heating does not alter the original design of a boiler. They’re being UL labeled/listed is the reason for that.

However, using a new and more efficient unit, your standard heating can replace the boiler. So, if the equipment is over 20 or 30 years old, you must prepare to replace the boiler with a new one.

8. Do Boilers Waste Energy Or Water?

Do Boilers Waste Energy Or Water

If you wonder whether the boiler heating system wastes water, the answer is NO. The boilers are sealed systems. So, there is no chance of leaking and wasting the water or the energy produced through the system. They have the same efficiency as modern-day air furnaces. So, there is no question about the system wasting water or energy.

9. Reasons Why Boilers Fail or Break

Reasons Why Boilers Fail or Break

Boilers usually break or fail due to pump failure or the failure of the electrical components. Due to unnecessary air getting into the system or low water pressure, the system might fail to move the water. As a result, the boiler cannot radiate the temperature.

There are also many incidents regarding the water getting frozen inside. The water can freeze during the cold winter. That is why boiler heating system owners (in colder regions) must use a setback thermostat. When leaving for a warmer climate, it is better to set the thermostat at 55 degrees or more than that.

10. Boiler Heating Systems Are Quiet

Boiler Heating Systems Are Quiet

Boiler or hydronic heating systems work perfectly in mildly colder regions. If it does not get chilling cold, you can use boiler house heating systems since there will be no fear of the water freezing inside.

There is another thing to add here. The boiler heaters are quieter compared to the water heaters. The water heaters do not need to force air like the air heating systems (which make a lot of noise). They are quiet and comfortable compared to air furnace heating systems.

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Bottom Line

You can choose a standard or highly efficient boiler heating system. When setting up home heating equipment, you need to be mindful and make the best decision that fits your requirements and budget. Whether replacing or installing a new boiler heater, you will need to appoint an experienced technician to examine the distribution system of your house or how the house itself is.

Based on the answer to different questions like how long you will live there and how much you can afford for a heating system, you can make your decisions. I hope that this article was helpful. However, if you need us to answer more queries, please reach out through the comment box below.

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