If you are reconsidering something unique for your wall texture, then there are a lot of different designs to choose from. However, each wall textures have their own pros and cons, and you need to consider the same before selecting any. 

Though color is often the first thing that you turn to for your home. But the texture is equally important and effective and brings an in-depth dimension. So, there’s more than one kind of wall treatment to consider when updating or creating space. 

The walls’ texture also defines a space, and this values the significance of wall paint color when considering design choices for spaces. Thus, adding textures to the walls can give each space more depth and can be easy to achieve with nature-rich elements.

Top 10 Best Wall Texture Design Ideas Of 2022 

Top 10 Best Wall Texture Design Ideas In 2021


There are various types of wall texture design ideas that you can consider for your home in 2022 to give it a new turn. Dressing your walls up in natural materials like wood and marble will instantly liven up a room that’s falling flat.

Now, let’s not make you wait any further; here are the top 10 best wall texture design ideas for your home.

1. Stomp Brush 

This wall texture is accomplished by applying wet mud to the drywall. To achieve this texture, you need a brush with long bristles. Besides, these texture ideas are perfect for new home construction projects and home renovation

Stomp Brush has a denser feel and makes your walls look amazing with its texture. However, this texture might not be that easy as it looks. But after some time, you will understand the significance of this texture of the wall significantly.

2. Crows Feet

Another top wall texture design idea in 2022 is Crow’s feet. This method leaves dried ridges and valleys of drywall mud that resemble crow’s foot on your wall. This is a pretty wall texture that can reconstruct the appearance of your living room completely. 

This is one of the most popular wall textures in 2022 that you can choose for your wall right now. However, one major disadvantage of crow’s feet is that the dust can easily settle in the deep grooves of the wall texture. 

3. Rosebud

This type of wall texture is formed by applying a very thin layer of drywall mud to the entire surface. Rosebud’s texture is similar to the slap brush texture idea, and this is made by making circles in the wet mud to produce the pattern of rosebuds.

However, this is not an easy texture to apply. This hides imperfections across the surface of the drywall, and this gives a visual appearance to your wall. 

4. Sand Swirl

Sand Swirl is one of the best wall texture ideas that you can consider for your wall in 2022. This can transform the look of your wall in a dramatic way, and you can create slightly free patterns along a wall.

If you are searching for a suitable wall texture for your kitchen, then you can consider this texture for the same. But keep in mind that this wall texture cannot be formed alone.

5. Orange Peel Wall Texture

Orange peel wall texture is my favorite texture design out of all. This texture resembles a real orange peel and is known as one of the most basic wall textures according to the experts.

Besides, it requires a more consistent application than the former. You need to apply two coats as one to keep it dry, and the second coat is applied seriously. 

6. Santa Fe Texture

One of the most applied wall texture ideas of 2022 is Santa Fe Texture. This design is unique in its own way and can hold your attention for a while with its rich color. 

However, this wall texture is not good for a living room but suitable for small areas, balconies, and mudrooms. Santa Fe texture can look visually distracting and perfect too!

7. Slap Brush Texture

This texture for walls is created by using a panda paw and stomp brush to mark a wall. The best tactic for achieving this is by smoothly layering drywall over the wall surface. 

Slap Brush texture is one of the most popular texture ideas for the bathroom and can help you to conceal various kinds of defects on a wall or wall imperfections.

8. Popcorn Texture

Popcorn wall textures are mostly used for embracing odd angles on ceiling panels that are not simple to manage. It brings a timeless wall texture back to your room.

However, the only drawback of popcorn texture is that it can catch dust very easily and cannot be removed once applied. This is one of the best texture ideas for your wall that you can consider in 2022 for your wall.

9. Comb Texture

The name of this wall texture itself implies that it is like a combed texture. Those individuals that value highly-styled wall surfaces can consider this design for their rooms.

On the other hand, two individuals are required to create this type of pattern. One will apply the mud whole the other will create the pattern. 

10. Splatter Knockdown

Now, the last best texture design idea in 2022 is Splatter Knockdown However; this texture can require more resources and time than other wall texture ideas. 

This texture design for walls is ideal for a new construction project but not for DIY restorations and projects alike. So, you can choose this texture for your living rooms or bedrooms. 

The Final Thoughts 

A textured wall creates a feeling that the traditional painted and papered walls can’t achieve. This is the reason why selecting the best wall texture designs for your precious wall is important and must be given priority. Thus, the above listed are some of the best texture design ideas in 2022 that you are going to love for sure!

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