Access doors have been a great help to household and commercial buildings by providing access to spaces behind the roof, wall, floor, or outdoors in nature.

Among the different kinds of access doors are the “steel insulated gasketed access doors,” which are very handy due to their features. This access door is famous for its many uses, which the consumers are pleased to have as owners of this beautiful product.

Due to its beautiful features, the steel-insulated gasketed access doors are sure to have many uses. Here are those uses:

Top 4 Best Uses of Steel-Insulated Gasketed Access Doors

Gasketed Access Doors

Accessibility and Security

Accessibility and security are the most basic functions of an access door. This accessibility refers to your house or building’s essential components on the wall, ceiling, or floor. These crucial components include plumbing, heating, air conditioning, and electrical systems, which you need to install, remove, repair, or perform maintenance.

These four components are vital to your house or building is it provides what you and your home need which means you must protect to prevent problems. Access doors provide security from outside elements and unwanted entry that depends on what type or variation of the access door. The steel-insulated gasketed access door is unique because of the steel construction, giving you unparalleled security from tampering while still allowing accessibility for maintenance.

Here are some variations of access doors that you can get:

  • General Purpose 
  • Flushed 
  • Recessed 
  • Fire-Rated (insulated or non-insulated)

Three common access doors materials you need to consider due to their features:

  • Steel / Stainless Steel – Durable and rust resistant. 
  • Plastic – Lightweight, affordable, and easy to replace. 
  • Drywall / Plaster – Budget-friendly and recommended for properly concealing the house or building components.

Protection Against Weather Conditions

Steel-insulated gasketed access doors are best used in an outdoor setting as an external access door of any building or residence as they protect them from harsh weather conditions. Its steel material is the material that possesses the ability to resist the dangers of rust and corrosion from water or vapor. If you had the steel-insulated gasketed access door in your building or home, you’d worry less about flooding your equipment due to heavy rains.   

This feature is convenient, especially if the access door is for electrical systems to prevent short circuits, electrical shocks, and electrical fires. You’ll save money and people’s lives with the steel-insulated gasketed access door, so get one now!  

Of those three incidents, the electrical fire was the most dangerous one. Electrical fires destroy anything in their path, living things and non-living things; no one is safe. If such a destructive event happens, here is a list of what you must do: 

  • Do not by any means throw water on an electrical fire.  
  • Turn off and unplug any electrical devices in the establishment where the electrical fire started.
  • Call the professionals that deal with electrical fires and wait for them to come.  
  • Help the building occupants to evacuate the said building.  
  • Use baking soda, fire blankets, or any big heavy cloth to put out small fires. 
  • Use “Class C” fire extinguishers for this kind of fire.  

Added Insulation

The insulation feature is one of the reasons why this access is chosen by many. The components behind the steel-insulated gasketed access door are heat-resistant in the event of fire or heatwave. Protection from fire or heat is essential, especially on electrical systems, as they can affect the temperature inside the access and cause electrical distortions, including power interruptions, voltage spikes, and voltage harmonics.  

The term “insulation” is not limited to fire and heat; it also extends to sound and electricity. The soundproofing function of an access panel is perfect for establishments that value silence, like schools, libraries, and hospitals.

Materials used for insulation: 

  • Fiberglass 
    • Insulation facings 
    • Polystyrene 
    • Natural fibers 
    • Mineral wool 
    • Cementitious foam 
    • Perlite 
    • Polyurethane 
    • Cellulose 
    • Polyisocyanurate 
    • Phenolic foam 

    Airtight and Watertight

    The steel-insulated gasketed access door also has the “gasketed” feature that protects the component behind the wall from air and water. Cracks are no longer a problem with this access door as the airtight and watertight features; you can also make it soundproof if you get the one with fiberglass insulation and a neoprene gasket.

    Final Thoughts

    Access doors, in general, are very helpful contraptions for our everyday lives. It provides you comfort and security from the dangers surrounding your home or building. Get a steel-insulated gasketed access door to enhance further the comfort and safety of your home and building needs.


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