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You might want to install access doors for your new commercial or industrial building but are still deciding which ones to choose. While selecting access doors for interior applications can be straightforward, it can be a different story for exterior applications.

Access doors are helping to keep the environment safe and danger free. You will get full prof protection from any kind of accident.

Know more about access doors and which ones are the best for your exterior. 


What Is an Access Door?

Access Door

Access doors are often a requirement in most commercial or industrial buildings. While the primary purpose of installing these access doors is to provide direct and convenient access to components, they can also come with additional features that will introduce more benefits to your property.

These access doors also come in different sizes, materials, and designs to ensure they can meet different needs and purposes.

By learning more about the different types of access doors, you will soon choose the best and most ideal access door in the market to meet all your needs for your commercial property. If you have exterior access doors that require maintenance, it’s crucial to seek commercial door repairs to ensure that they’re functioning safely and efficiently. The focus of this blog is to showcase the different types of access doors ideal for exterior applications. 

Why Should You Get an Access Door?

 install an access door

If you plan to install an access door in your commercial, industrial, or even residential space, you need to know their different purposes. While the primary goal is to give access, you can also benefit from an access door through the following additional uses:

  • Security 
  • Protection 
  • Concealment  
  • Building Safety Codes 
  • Fire-Safety Codes 

When you own a commercial or industrial property, you must know about the building safety codes in your area. Most building safety codes will require specific types of access doors and panels in your building, like fire-rated ones. Knowing this will help you keep costs low and choose an access door that meets the proper requirements. 

The Best Access Doors for Exterior Applications

Access Doors for Exterior Applications

An ordinary access door would be less beneficial for exterior applications because outside access panels deal with more wear and tear than interior installations.

Here are some of the ideal types of access doors for your exteriors: 

1. Airtight And Watertight:

Manufacturers create this access door from materials resistant to air and water infiltration or penetration. It does its job to protect your utilities or other internal components from otherwise external factors like heat, dirty air, and even water.

This access door is for delicate environments like operating rooms and laboratories. It ensures the security and protection this access door offers, making it perfect for exterior installations. 

2. Insulated:

You can choose the insulated access door that usually comes with a steel or aluminum make. This access door is for wall and ceiling installations and has insulation attached to the frame. It provides insulation, ensuring energy efficiency, and security for your utilities and other essential components. 

3. Weather Resistant:

One of the most used access panels for exterior applications is a weather-resistant access panel. The material and make of these access doors are designed to take on the different changes in weather and other external factors like humidity, heat, and rain. 

4. Coastal:

Consider caliber materials if you plan to build or construct your building near coastal areas. These coastal access doors are for exterior wall installations and are a popular choice among contractors. It has a non-locking handle, and external handles are for coastal areas. This door is impact, air, and wind pressure tested and comes with insulation for temperature control.

5. Stucco-Exterior Façade:

This access door is for exterior installations and has a safety system against accidental openings. You must secure this safety system after opening to avoid accidents. The access doors of an exterior keep the environment safe and also avoid making any accident-prone situations.

6. Water Resistant:

Do you want an access door to protect your fuse boxes, wiring cables, along with other HVAC components? The water-resistant gasketed access doors are ideal. These access doors prevent water penetration and also ensure that all of these internal components remain dry and safe.

Protecting your internal components will provide additional security and safety for your whole building. The water-resistant layer keeps the environment safe from the other types of gasket areas.

Wrapping Up:

An additional feature for access panels and doors for exterior applications is a must, as these doors will deal with external factors like the weather.

If you want to ensure that your exterior access panels last long, you should always pick the ones built for exteriors for access doors and can stand against weather changes. Are you experienced with accessing the exterior application doors? You can share your experiences through the comment section.

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