The Coronavirus Pandemic has altered the way we led our lives. Everything from holding events to moving homes has now become incrementally difficult. With so many safety and security guidelines and protocols in place, it is important to be aware and conscious of adopting the same.

Moving homes is a stressful experience. Selecting the new home, planning what things you will take or leave behind, deciding on the moving company can become quite an overwhelming experience. With social and physical distancing, including sanitization and hygiene maintenance, the task becomes incredibly difficult.

In this article, we speak to leading experts at My Conveyancing Specialist. An expert and award-winning moving service and ask them to discuss some important aspects of moving homes during the pandemic.


Challenges of Moving Homes during the Pandemic: What to look for out for

In this section, we will highlight the three top challenges, individuals and families face when moving homes during the pandemic-

1. Selecting the Best Moving Company

Moving Company

Selecting a great moving company is important. However, this aspect becomes more important especially during the pandemic. In addition to their skills, expertise, and pricing, you now need to take into consideration how much do they concentrate on issues like sanitation and safety.

It is best that you call up the moving company and ask them about whether their staff use- facemasks, gloves, face shields, and sanitizers. It is important that families do not compromise on the safety parameters and let their guard down when hiring a moving company.

2. Ensure that your Furniture is properly Sanitized before Shifting


If you are allowing the moving personnel to touch your furniture, it is important that you disinfect the same when shifting into a new house. It is likely to be handled by a lot of human beings, transported in trucks, and is likely to travel a long way before it reaches your new home.

There are many affordable disinfectant spraying machines that are readily available. You can also ask the moving company about whether they have such provisions or not. Make sure that the disinfectant does not end up destroying old furniture, especially wooden ones.

3. Disinfecting the New Home before you move in

New homeowners need to be very careful when moving into a new home. It is important that you disinfect the new home before you move in. While you can always employ the services of a sanitation and disinfection company, it is also a good idea to ask the moving company.

The best moving companies have now started sanitation services given the rising demands for homeowners regarding the same. It is also convenient for homeowners to employ just one company to do all the tasks. This will bring down costs and not add to the stress factor.

How to Select the Best Moving Company for your needs?

Homeowners should look at the following attributes of moving companies before selecting them according to the My Conveyancing Specialist team-

  • It is critical that you ask the moving company about the kind of COVID-19 safety protocols they follow. This will give you peace of mind when it comes to moving.
  • Checking for levels of experience is also an important factor. Go for moving companies that have some years of experience in handling shifting homes.
  • Taking multiple quotations from different moving companies is a good idea to compare for prices. This will allow you to understand what are some of the standard charges.
  • The packaging of the furniture requires proper care. Make sure that the process of packaging the furniture and the material used by the moving company is of a high-quality.
  • Look for the size of the transporting vehicle. If a company has a fairly large rig, you will be able to shift all the furniture in one go, thereby saving costs and ensure all the furniture reaches in a proper fashion.

Paying attention to the above five points will help homeowners narrow down on the best moving company for their home-shifting needs and requirements.

Top Mistakes homeowners need to avoid when Moving Homes

We have already mentioned how shifting homes, selecting the right moving company, and enduring through the entire process can be an overwhelming experience.

If in addition to the above, mistakes if done can add to the troubles and stress factor. This is why experts suggest that homeowners should look out before committing the following mistakes-

1. The Cheapest Quotation from Moving Companies might not be the Best Option

When selecting a moving company, most homeowners make the mistake of opting for the company that has quoted the least. However, experts suggest that too low prices are simply a reflection of the quality that is there on offer. homeowners should look for average prices, that guarantee good quality.

2. Carefully select what you are going to take into a New Home and leave behind what you do not need

Hoarding is a major problem area for homeowners. Many times, people carry old furniture pay for them and then rethink their use in a new home. This is why careful attention must be paid to the fact of what you want to take with you and what you want to avoid. Hoarding is a real problem that can cost homeowners dearly during the shifting process.

3. Not paying attention to Limiting Interactions between the Moving Company Staff and Family Members

It is important that homeowners are aware of the fact that they are shifting homes during the Pandemic. Hanging out with the personnel of the moving company, giving them home cutlery for tea and snacks, etc. is not a good option. You can always make these issues clear with the company so that they do not think about you as being mean.

The Bottom Line

It is important to follow the COVID-19 guidelines when moving homes during a pandemic. This will ensure that your family is safe and that the entire process of moving homes is done in a stress-free manner.

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