As you already know, artificial grass is fake grass used to decorate lawns and yards. It absolutely looks like natural grass when you look at it usually. However, if you pay more attention, you will realize that it’s not real, which you can confirm by touching it and analyzing its texture. Therefore, if you are sold on having your lawn covered with artificial grass, you should read this post about the best artificial grass and residential landscaping ideas UK. There are lots of aesthetically creative ideas here. Therefore, mix and match, and enjoy!

Why Use Artificial Grass?

Why Use Artificial Grass

Why use artificial grass when you can use real grass to cover your lawn?

There are many reasons why you would want to do so. They are:

  • Artificial grass is easier and cheaper to install than natural grass. This is because – funnily enough, they don’t die. When natural grass ages, they slowly lose their lush green color and become brown. Soon, they are uprooted from the ground automatically, and you have to replace them. Artificial grass? Immortally evergreen and irreplaceable.
  • Maintaining artificial grass is easier since the grass is on a carpet, placed all over your residential area. Therefore, since there is no soil, there is no tension in seeing mud puddles. Plus, you won’t even need to water it daily!
  • Artificial grass is eco-friendly and pet-friendly as well. Sometimes, your dog or cat would nibble at the grass, making them sick. The same can be said for cute little babies too. If you have fake grass, they won’t even do so.

How Much Does Artificial Grass Cost?

How Much Does Artificial Grass Cost

If you live in the US, artificial grass will cost between $10 to $20 per square foot. This is dependent on its quality.

Therefore, the overall costs of artificially grassing up your backyard and lawn depend on two factors:

  • The quality of the artificial grass used.
  • The amount of area (per square foot) that will be covered.

Therefore, if you wish to cover around 100 square feet with fake grass, expect it to cost about $800 to $1500.

Looking at these prices, teal grass is cheaper. Well, this statement is absolutely true. However, you must maintain and constantly replace real grass over the years. Artificial grass? Not required. Therefore, fake grass has more initial costs but provides better value over time than natural grass.

10 Best Artificial Grass And Residential Landscaping Ideas UK

To green-ify your lawn and backyard, you must learn about the best artificial grass and residential landscaping ideas UK. With these fake grass decoration ideas, you will surely impress yourself and whoever glances at your yard!

1. Pair It With A Patio

Pair It With A Patio

While this design has nothing to do with synthetic grass, having a patio in the middle of all that green looks aesthetic. Since your backyard is made for chilling, you should build a patio there (preferably with a fireplace) to have roasted marshmallows at night.

However, do not opt for a wooden fireplace since you use artificial grass. Instead, opt for a gas-lit fireplace since burning wood splinters can easily set your artificial greenery on fire.

2. Get Creative With Concrete

Get Creative With Concrete

Just because you have a backyard doesn’t mean you must cover it with green 100%. You can get creative with concrete blocks and slabs and place them in a way that makes your yard look modern and aesthetic.

However, don’t add too much of it; it can take away the natural look you wish to see. Instead, use it in strategic places so that it looks minimalistic. Keep “aesthetics” in your mind, not “fancy.”

3. Children (And Pets) Love Play Areas

Children (And Pets) Love Play Areas

All work and no work make Jack a dull boy. Therefore, to keep your kids and dogs far from being called a boring person or pet, let them play to their heart’s content. They won’t get to do so when they get a job anyway (dogs are safe in this regard!).

Therefore, make a small play area using fake grass. You can make a mini golf or tennis/badminton court! Also, having a sandbox in the middle of all that grass becomes easier and less muddy since it becomes easier to wash away the sand from fake grass.

4. Rooftop Garden With Artificial Grass

Cover It With A Rooftop Garden

A rooftop garden will work wonders for you if you do not have a backyard where you can chill. Be it night or day, having a chilled beer or wine in your hand and drinking it outside while it rains without getting wet will feel amazing.

Therefore, have a small, shaded area in your backyard. Then, cover the rooftops with artificial grass. Add some potted plants to it as well.

5. Pool It Up

Pool It Up

Having a pool in your backyard is a must-have if you have the space to do so. But why pair it up with artificial grass design ideas?

This is because if the water spills above the surface and you have real grass, it will get muddy due to soil. Artificial grass? No soil, no problem!

In addition, using artificial grass, you can easily walk barefoot on the lawn with wet feet without having mud and dirt stuck between your toes.

6. Keep It Natural Using Natural Stones

Keep It Natural Using Natural Stones

If you want the best landscaping with artificial grass ideas, doing it with natural stones will make it unique. Even though it sounds ironic, it will 100% work.

Cover your lawn with a layer of artificial grass, followed by having your fence made of natural rocks. You can also make them out of concrete and have them designed to look like natural rocks later on, with moss and creepers added on top for garnishing.

If you want, you can also use trendy ranch style house exterior paint colors and various barn door ideas.

7. Use Colorful Furniture

Use Colorful Furniture

Since these artificial grass and residential landscaping ideas UK use pure green grass, it might get monotonous to look at.

Therefore, if you place any furniture like tools, tables, and hanging swing chairs, buy colorful ones. This will spice up the look of your lawn.

Opt for brighter primary colors like red, yellow, orange, blue, and more here! Plus, you can read about the best red Christmas tree decorations to make your lawn appear more festive!

8. Try Artificial Grass And Pavers Ideas 

Try Artificial Grass And Pavers Ideas

Have you been creating that perfect garden path? Every time you create a path, the grass covers it repeatedly. In that case, your artificial grass might work. They are great for keeping the garden path clean and just the way you want.

If you already have a path or paper through your garden, you can replace the grass around it with artificial grass. This way, you are keeping the path clean while also having grass around your garden pavements.

9. Features Colors To Design Well  

Features Colors To Design Well

If you are looking up “artificial grass and residential landscaping ideas UK” and finding only some bland pictures of the same colored artificial grass, would you not be disappointed? We all deserve some diversity and variations, right? Even our lawns and garden designs do.

With that need in mind, I suggest you go for different colors and shades of artificial grass at your home. You can use different shades of green and create a unique design for your garden.

10. Decorate Your Outdoor Dining Spot  

Decorate Your Outdoor Dining Spot

if your home has a little bit of empty space outside, you can create a small dining area for those times when you want your friends or relatives over. Since the artificial grass does not outgrow, you won’t have to worry about setting the table properly or having an uneven sitting area. Besides, the green will remain green through and through.

The Grass Makers Of UK

Nobody knew that grass could be such a complex issue. However, we are here to respond to all of your needs by bringing all the information you want or need. Hence, I present an extensive list of some of the most prominent names in artificial grass-making companies. So that you can buy the best the money can offer.

Here are some of the biggest manufacturers of artificial grass and residential landscaping that UK citizens need to know about. Let us dive right in. 

SIS Pitches

SIS Pitches have been in the business longer than most other brands that will be mentioned here. Yet, the brand has remained a dominant figure in the industry. The brand specializes in building artificial grass pitches for clubs, schools, etc. However, the company also takes up residential contracts. SIS Pitches is a reliable brand that offers after-sales services to its loyal customers. 

Tiger Turf

Next up is the iconic Tiger Turf. Tiger Turf has been in the business for over two decades. Hence, the brand can be credited for having the right experience for your home. Tiger Turf mainly specializes in clubs, resorts, and residential landscaping. The brand manufactures its products in their local factory. As a result, Tiger Turn provides an affordable and easy landscaping solution.

Ever Lawn

Ever Lawn is one of the best and most affordable landscapers in the UK. The brand offers some really amazing landscaping solutions with realistic grass. The brand came into the scene back in 2007 and has been in the business ever since. The brand mostly specializes in public landscaping solutions. However, the brand does take up residential orders. So you don’t have to worry about a thing. 

Buzz Grass

Buzz Grass might sound like a weird name. However, the work they do is exceptional and noteworthy. This is primarily a UK-based company with its headquarters situated in Cumbria. The brand has been around for over 30 years and is still going strong. This is a preferred supplier of artificial grassing in residential as well as commercial operations. 

Artificial Lawn Company

The name is quite self-explanatory. It is one of the most important and large-scale landscaping companies that you can go for. The brand has made huge waves in the landscaping industry. It is one of the only companies in the industry that offers a post-installation warranty that lasts upto 10 years. Therefore, you can rest easy. 


Nomow has its headquarters in places like Buxton and London. It is a purely UK-based company that is making waves in the grass industry. The brand has been around for two decades. They primarily focus on residential landscaping. Hence, all your landscaping needs will be met. Also, the brand offers some of the most extensive range of artificial grass at an affordable price. Therefore, you do not have to worry about the price. 

Verde Sports Limited

Finally, you can check out Verde Sports to find your landscaping ideas. Verde sports has been in the business since 1988 and has been a landscaping giant. Over the years, the brand has grown to accommodate larger orders and a more professional approach. This is a great brand that can help you get world-class landscaping at dirt cheap prices.

Final Grassy Thoughts

After reading this article about the best artificial grass and residential landscaping ideas UK, I am sure you have some ideas to make your lawn artificially greener. If you liked this post and the ideas that I have presented here, then tell us what you did in the comments below!

If you have any such creative ideas, let me know in the comments below too!

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