I think we all agree that the bedroom is one of the most important spaces in our houses. With the kind of lifestyle humans are adopting, the need for comfortable, quality sleep is becoming more critical.

Sleep, in addition to improving your mental health, can help increase your productivity and concentration throughout the day.

But that’s not all the bedroom is about: for most of us, this space is also a personal haven. It is the only place in the house where you can spend time with yourself, relax, watch some tv or pick up your favorite books without being bothered.

This is why you should focus on creating the perfect atmosphere that will make the space more personalized.

Here are tips that will help you arrange your bedroom furniture. Plan ahead:

1. Check the layout of the room

Before making any final purchases on your furniture, you need to consider the potential layouts in your room. You need to know where you will place your bed and the rest of the furniture in the bedroom.

Do a complete measurement of the floors and the walls so you can have this information at hand when selecting the furniture for your bedroom.

2. What furniture pieces do you need? – Choose appropriately sized furniture

What furniture pieces do you need? - Choose appropriately sized furniture

Measure the furniture during purchase so you can go home with pieces that will match your space and your layout.  Think about your bedroom space in comparison to the size of the furniture.

If you live in a tiny bedroom, having a larger bed will take up much of the space. A small bed in a large bedroom space is just not practical or pleasing to look at.

It is also important to check the quality of the furniture. Low-quality furniture may seem like a steal now but can cost you a lot more in the future.

You will end up spending more money replacing a low-quality furniture piece after another as opposed to buying high-quality pieces that last longer.

You can find quality pieces at an affordable price because furniture is everywhere, even in online stores. Slumber Search’s furniture reports can help you find the best, high-quality furniture for your bedroom.

Arranging the furniture The Bed 3 ways you can arrange the bed in your bedroom

3. Feng shui your bed

Placing your bed for a good fen Shui is one way to arrange the bedroom. Fengshui dictates that the bed is the most important furniture piece in the bedroom because you spend most of your time there.

According to the commanding principle, you should place your bed so that you can see it while lying in bed. However, you need to avoid doors that will open directly to reveal your bed.  The headboard on your bed should be placed against a wall with no windows.

4. Bed arrangement for tiny bedrooms

Bed arrangement for tiny bedrooms

There are many ways to arrange your bed in a tiny bedroom to save on space but the one which stands out to me is where the bed is placed on the furthest wall opposite the door. This gives you plenty of floor space between the door and bed and you can actually add more pieces of furniture.

5. Bed arrangement for larger bedrooms

Since the space is large the best position for the bed would be on the center of one of the bedroom walls without any windows. This leaves space on both sides of the bed where you can place your nightstands or desk.

6. The dresser

The dresser

The dresser is a large piece of furniture and is quite noticeable in the bedroom. Organizing this piece of furniture will depend on how you use it. If yours is strictly a dressing table then placing it across the bed would be the best position. If yours doubles up as a tv stand and dresser, you can place it on the wall just across your headboard.

7. The nightstand

For tiny bedrooms, one nightstand should be enough to avoid hogging up the much-needed space in your bedroom. You can place the nightstand on the side of the bed that is not leaning against the wall.

Big bedrooms have enough space to place two nightstands and even more furniture. Since your bed would be floating in the middle of one wall, the best position for your nightstands is on both sides of the bed.

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