Al Furjan is a peaceful area perfect for those who are looking for a tranquil atmosphere in the metropolis. Villas and apartments for sale in Al Furjan in Dubai are the main attractions for foreign investors. The name of the neighborhood is translated as a small village which implies a paradox. The neighborhood of Al Furjan offers huge investment opportunities and comfortable living conditions.

What Does Al Furjan Offer?

What Does Al Furjan Offer?What Does Al Furjan Offer?

Without a doubt, Al Furjan offers multiple entertainment opportunities to meet the highest demand of the residents. A variety of objects of infrastructure provides a great atmosphere for comfortable living.

In the area you will find the following facilities:

  • educational establishments;
  • medical establishments;
  • recreational center;
  • sports facilities, like gyms and swimming pools;
  • restaurants and cafes.

Besides, there are some places definitely worth attention. The area has two shopping centers, Al Furjan Pavilions, and Al Furjan West Pavilions, where you can visit 24 stores and more than 10 restaurants. The restaurants are very diverse, with Italian, Arabic, and Indian cuisine, and high-end and fast food restaurants. Most of the spas are concentrated in shopping malls. There are also several mosques in the area. If you need an Orthodox or Hindu temple, they are in the next neighborhood. Al Furjan streets have pedestrian sidewalks that make it very easy to get around the neighborhood.

Al Furjan For Living And Investments

Al Furjan is a comfortable zone for families with kids. Moreover, it represents a beneficial option for living with kids and for business people to invest in real estate. For families, Al Furjan is very comfortable and quiet with all the amenities and entertainment at their fingertips. For investors, this area is attractive because its construction is nearing completion, and investing in luxury real estate in Dubai is very profitable economically. This place might seem a bit boring for lonely young people. But, if you have a family, are going to start one or just love the quietness, then you will love it in Al Furjan.

District Division In Al Furjan

The real estate market in Al Furjan represents a wide selection of outstanding housing units. Properties in the area are represented by villas, townhouses, and apartments. The whole area of the residential complex is divided into several blocks:

  • Quortaj;
  • Phase 2;
  • Dubai Style;
  • Starz by the Danube;
  • Samia Azizi.

Quortaj and Dubai Style neighborhoods mainly consist of exclusive premium villas. Phase 2 is a mixed development with villas, townhouses, and apartment buildings. Starz by the Danube is a residential complex of two apartment buildings. Samia Azizi is a 15-story complex in the heart of the district. Beautiful views are represented by picturesque parks and stylish landscaped streets.

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Neighborhoods Near Al Furjan

Many areas of the emirate are easily accessible from this part of Dubai. Neighborhoods near Al Furjan include:

  • Discovery Gardens;
  • Jebel Ali Village;
  • The Gardens;
  • Green Community;
  • Jumeirah Park;
  • Dubai Investment Park;
  • Sports City;
  • Jumeirah Golf Estates.

Real Estate For Sale In Al Furjan

Apartments in Al Furjan differ in design, footage, and available amenities. Taking as an example one of the affordable housing units, we obtain the following features. Elegant design combined with advanced technologies creates coziness and ergonomics in the apartment. Balconies and terraces provide outstanding views of the neighborhood panorama.

The costs of properties in Al Furjan vary from AED 319,000 to AED 3 million. The choice depends on the budget and desire of a buyer.

The Takeaways

Real estate experts expect real estate prices to rise amid growing demand from wealthy individuals and foreign investors. Dubai’s real estate market will maintain its upward trajectory in 2023 as property prices and annual rents are expected to rise on the back of increasing demand and interest from high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs) and foreign investors.

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