Whether shopping at a walk-in store or online, the right furniture can make your home cozier. But you can also end up with something that doesn’t match your space or clashes with your paint colors. Avoid these common mistakes by following these tips from furniture-shopping experts.

Shop during the late winter and fall when retailers are clearing out seasonal merchandise. You’ll find steep discounts on pieces like chests and dressers.

Compare Prices

Furniture retailers

Furniture retailers often add a shipping fee or state tax to the product price, which can increase your cost. Look for sites that disclose these additional costs in advance.

Also, compare prices for the same pieces on different sites. Online prices are sometimes cheaper than in-store ones due to lower overhead costs and a lack of retail rent.

Shopping around is a good idea, even if you’re set on a particular style. Screens can distort colors, and dark furniture finishes like espresso tend to look lighter on screens. Also, remember that most online photos are retouched and edited to highlight the furniture’s best features. Aim for realistic images that show the table in a room setting, and look for links to photos showing side and back views.

Read The Fine Print

When shopping for furniture online, it’s crucial to read the description and understand what you’re purchasing carefully. For instance, Joybird customer service teams, whether you’re updating an existing space or furnishing a new home, find pieces that work with your lifestyle and fit well in your home is essential. Taking the time to map out measurements of your rooms and using virtual tools that allow you to see how a piece will look before you commit is essential.

If you’re concerned that the sofa or table that looked compact in the pictures will be too large for your room, look for return policy info on the product page. This will help you avoid paying for shipping or restocking fees if you need to return the item. Often, retailers will have policies that include free returns in-store and online.

Read Customer Feedback

Read Customer Feedback

Unlike buying a book online, shopping for furniture involves purchasing large, bulky items that must be delivered right to your front door. As such, furniture shoppers have a higher expectation of product quality than most other types of consumers.

Great online furniture stores provide multiple pictures of products, giving consumers an accurate sense of how a piece will look in their home. They also carefully consider backgrounds to provide a sense of scale and proportion.

Moreover, furniture shoppers must be aware of shipping times and return policies. The latter is significant, as returns on furniture can be expensive and time-consuming. Consumers should know a retailer’s policies and be prepared to pay for return shipping if the item is damaged upon delivery.

Look For Reviews

Online reviews are a great way to learn about furniture vendors and products. Read as many as possible, including Joybird reviews and those by reputable third-party review sites.

Quality furniture stores photograph their products carefully to get a good sense of their appearance in your home. They also provide accurate measurements so you can easily install your new piece.

Almost any online retailer can sell furniture; comparing prices across several sites is wise. Look at each store’s price, shipping costs, tax charges, and return policies. Those factors can make a big difference in the total cost of your furniture. Moreover, knowing whether the table you want is one-of-a-kind or mass-produced is essential. If it’s the latter, a lower price may not be worth the hassle of returning it later.

Shop Around.

Most online furniture retailers offer similar products, so comparison shopping is necessary. Look for sellers with high customer ratings and check their return policies. Also, note that most modern smartphone and PC screens don’t accurately reproduce colors, so items you see online might look different in person.

Ask for a fabric or wood sample, and search Google for shopper-submitted photos to ensure a piece will suit your home’s aesthetic. Lastly, be realistic about your budget. If you need more cash to pay for a new couch, don’t be tempted by store credit cards with low-interest rates. If shopping for a big-ticket item, be aware of extra costs like delivery fees and assembly charges.

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