When you’re looking to sell your apartment, how you present and set up your home makes a big difference to how potential buyers feel about the possibility of living there. You are essentially marketing your apartment to other people and you want them to feel as if they would have an amazing time living there. You must know the top staging tips when selling your home.

To do this you need to do some staging – no one wants to see the sink full of dirty dishes or the couch covered in dog hair the way it usually might be! Here are seven useful staging tips so that you can start selling your home fast!


7 Useful Staging Tips When Selling Your Home

Therefore, you must know these seven useful staging tips when selling your home,

1. Think Of Kerb Appeal :

They say don’t judge a book by its cover but with houses and apartments, first impressions make a difference, and improvements to the exteriors and interiors can change everything. If you live in a house or ground floor apartment, consider how your home looks from the outside. If you’re living in an apartment building, consider how your apartment might stand out. Does it look inviting, clean, and well looked after? If the answer is no, then you should probably look to make a few changes.

One change that can dramatically alter the outside of your place is replacing or freshening up the front door. A colorful, freshly painted door catches the eye of potential buyers and makes your home look unique, especially in a grey or dull apartment building.

If you have access to a front garden area then some ways you enhance your kerb appeal is to make sure this area looks good too by mowing the lawn, adding some colorful flowers and making sure flower beds are weeded. Fix any problems with pavings or fences, or contact the person in charge of the building to arrange this, and make sure your letterbox is in good condition.

2. Freshen Things Up :

Once you’ve freshened things up outside and in the entryway to your place, you should look at freshening up the interiors. One solution to giving your home a fresher look is with a lick of paint. Gloss paint in neutral colors or white is a good way to brighten up rooms, especially those that might not get much natural light. Some small things that can make a difference include a big deep clean, cleaning light fixtures, ceiling fans, skirting boards, re-grouting the bathroom and kitchen and upgrading cabinet hardware.

3. Clear Clutter :

A big declutter is necessary when staging your home to be sold. Part of living in a home means you build up a lot of clutter. Walk into someone’s apartment and you’re likely to find bills, newspapers, books, sunglasses, power cords, chargers as well as overflowing cabinets, dressers and bookshelves. We get used to all this stuff but when you’re wanting to impress a potential buyer, you want a tidy, clutter-free home. Getting rid of all these extra things or finding a place for them can totally transform the look of your home (so much so that it might make you become a permanent declutterer in the future)! If there are some things that you can’t bear to throw out, like your old DVD collection, photo albums or antique furniture, then consider storing it off-site somewhere. One way to do this is to use a platform like Spacer, where you can rent out community storage from people who aren’t using the space. This is an affordable way of storing those things you want to keep but don’t currently need.

4. Real Plants Around The House :

Putting real, potted plants around your home brightens up a room that might otherwise look bare and sterile. The greenery around your house or apartment promotes healthier indoor air which can be especially important if you’re living in a big city or urban area. Some plants, like aloe vera, actually help in the absorption of certain pollutants so the air is cleaner and fresher. Visually plants add color to your home but this way, that also makes a difference to how people might physically feel walking around your space.

5. Add Some Artwork :

If you don’t have any artwork already, try dressing your walls with some pieces to bring your apartment to life. Art makes a great addition to your home because it commands attention, leaves an impression on the potential buyer and can be inspiring to those looking to buy the home by making them think about what they might do with the wall space.

Art is also a way of making a home look or seem lived in without adding personal touches such as photos. However, artwork shouldn’t be overwhelming or take up the entire wall. Consider grouping some small pieces together to create interest or having one statement piece. If you don’t want to invest in anything too expensive, consider framing some prints.

6. Less Is More :

When it comes to furniture in each room of your house or apartment, it’s important to remember less is more. You want each space to look big and airy rather than crowded and cramped. Remove any superfluous furniture, whether it be dressers, cabinets, desk, chairs or storage that buyers don’t need to see. Keeping things simple makes it easier for buyers to see what they could do with the room if they were to buy your home. Another tip is to stash your TV away. TV screens are usually huge these days and they can overwhelm the look of a room for a potential buyer.

7. Accentuate the Positive :

It can be useful when staging your home to use diversion theory – diverting a buyer’s attention away from a negative feature or something that can be fixed by drawing the eye to a positive or unique aspect of your home.

If the floorboards don’t look so great, add a rug or if it’s a small, dark room, add plants and mirrors to make it seem bigger and lighter.

Therefore, these things you need to keep on your mind when you are selling your home.

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