Condominiums are suitable for homeowners who prefer to have easy access to different business establishments, facilities, and services from where they’re residing. Because most condo developments are strategically located in high-traffic and important areas in a neighborhood, travel time from point A to point B is drastically lessened.

If you’re an owner of a condo unit, there are more privileges that you can enjoy. For starters, you get access to the condominium building’s amenities and facilities like the outdoor garden, rooftop deck, swimming pools, and the like for paying a small monthly fee.

And you don’t have to worry about the maintenance as it’s part of the fee that you pay while living in a condo.

Are you planning to settle down permanently soon? If you’re interested in getting a beautiful condo unit and eventually calling it you’re forever home, check out the tips below that can make your condo buying experience hassle-free.

6 Exclusive Smart Tips For Buying First Condo

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1. Get Preapproved

The first thing you need to do is to get preapproved for financing. You can start by looking at your options like loaning from a bank and other mortgage options suitable for you. However, if you have some money set aside, you can use that too.

2. Look For A Reputable Condominium Development

Once you’ve decided on how you’re going to pay for the condominium, you can start looking through condominium listings.

It’s important that you know all about the unit. Therefore, you need to do your research and look for a reputable condominium, like Old Town Scottsdale Condos, and other developments based on your needs. This prevents you from getting scammed or disappointed if it doesn’t match your expectations.

Moreover, you might want to do a site visit if the condo is still under construction. Otherwise, check out the showrooms or the actual unit first before zeroing in on a condo selection.

3. Pick A Condo That Matches Your Needs

You need to assess and ask yourself if you need a condo unit or a house and lot. Think of it like any of your major purchases. You have to give yourself enough time to weigh the advantages and disadvantages. And more importantly, you need to make sure it matches your needs.

Some of the things you might want to consider:

  • Location – The condo must be near your workplace and most of the establishments such as shopping malls, entertainment hubs, groceries, schools, hospitals, and public transportation, among others. If it’s a new building in the area, then it should have its own amnesties built in place.
  • Fees – There will be fees you’ll have to pay even after owning a condo unit. Some of the costs include the following: access to the building’s amenities, home insurance, garbage collection, property management, parking, landscaping, gardening, maintenance, unit repairs, and security.
  • Space – If you’re living alone and you don’t have that many belongings, then you don’t really need that much space compared to those with families. 
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4. Get A Real Estate Agent

Hire a real estate agent who has vast experience in selling condos. Each property has its own set of documents and requirements; hence, you need an expert to help you understand the entire process and procedure of owning a condominium. They’ll assist you in securing all the necessary papers.

Furthermore, choosing the right agent to work with should also match your needs. Perhaps you prefer an agent who can pick up the phone if you need to consult with them about things you don’t understand about the contract. It’s completely understandable for first-time buyers as some terms can be a bit confusing.

In addition, you’re going to need someone you can trust. You may ask for recommendations from your friends and family about the realtors that they trust and have transacted with before.

5. Find Out More Details And Ask Around

If you want to find out more details aside from the pieces of information that were presented to you, you can ask around the neighborhood and the staff what they love and hate about the place. This way, you get an idea about the unit aside from what you see in the brochures, advertisements, and what the agent tells you.

6. Secure Home Insurance

It’s best to secure home insurance after choosing a unit. Pick out the best deals by comparing different insurance rates. You can get assistance from your real estate agent in selecting the agency.

Nevertheless, getting a plan, figure out which things in your condo you’re going to include in the insurance coverage. You can make a list of these, so you won’t miss a single item if you have a lot of valuable items in your condo.


Condominiums are great investments, just like any type of property. Yet it may not be suitable for everyone. It all comes down to the buyer’s preference and needs. If you feel that condo living is a perfect fit for your lifestyle, go through the tips enumerated above for a smooth condo buying journey.

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