Everyone wants to buy things on the prices of their own. This is the reason why I love negotiating prices even of furniture, and all the stuff I get my hands on. Getting deals under your own terms can be very delightful and convivial at the same time.

Properties are meant to be one of the best investment. They are hectic as well and heavy. Heavy is in the sense as they require quite a piece of your earning maybe all of it. Yeah, that’s right. So, negotiation plays a very important role here.

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You may also think that the skills of negotiation are different for the small purchases and big purchases. But the reality is otherwise. The basics of both types of negotiations are same.

Here, you have a choice, either you can spend all your life to learn and try to perfect the art of negotiation, or you can simply follow these fast and forward tips and tricks to get the most out of a negotiation.

Let’s get you started,

1.  Never Speak First

Never Speak First

You must have heard, “Never make the first offer, first listen to the other party”. This can help you in successfully negotiating the terms or price. It not only defines the midpoint of the negotiation but also give an idea for you to pitch the price where it can be beneficial to you and also ends in an agreement with the second party.

In addition to that, there can be a chance that the other party might pitch a better deal than you. Well, in that case, the deed is done for you by them. What possibly better you want after that? In either case, you will have ample of opportunity to counter offer according to your convenience. It is very basic, yet highly useful and handy when negotiating an important property deal.

2. Talk Less & Listen Carefully

Listen Carefully

It is one of the strongest maneuvers of negotiation. You need to stop talking and listen calmly the other party. This can be very unsettling also, as negotiation silence can be very annoying. People generally be very uncomfortable to the awkward negotiation silence. So, when you seem to be annoyed you can consider that the other person is also annoyed with the silence. But remember, whoever speaks first will lose in this battle of negotiation. Usually, to cut this uncomfortable silence, the person turns to cut a deal even in his offering further which again can be more beneficial to you.

3. Understand The Power Of Information (Research)


In more than 95% of negotiations between the experienced negotiators, the one with more knowledge and experience tends to win the negotiations and walk away with a better outcome. Whenever you are negotiating always keep in mind that all the final outcome depends on the knowledge of yours about the topic. Just to know the objective of the negotiation is not important, knowing about the party and their motives are equally important.

Most of the negotiator thinks about money, however, that is not the case. Smart negotiator understands the value of negotiation is to come up with a better solution to save money.

4. Negotiating With the Ego is Bad for Business

Negotiating With the Ego is Bad for Business

We most of the time think that negotiation is about getting the best price, or terms etc. However, there are people who think that negotiation will put their ego down. This can be really hazardous for your business health. Better terms and conditions or discount can increase your profit and peace of mind.

You must appreciate the contractor or the second party such as he is such a good negotiator and that is why you hesitated even to initiate the negotiation. Also, proactively appreciate them for the business setup he has done and etc etc.

5. Aim To Get The Last Concession

Always remember, during the negotiation, aim for the last concession. This last concession is the point where the party gives in a negotiation. A price drop, better terms etc. By always asking for the concession, you will make the negotiator think that every time he wants something from you, he needs to give something. By this, he will stop most of the time whenever an extra task he will face.

Winding Up

So, these are the five top Negotiation tips. Did I miss something? Let me know your thoughts about these tips. Mention it in the comments. Till then have a good one.